Which Type of Mold Release Agent Is Proper For You?

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The mold release agent is a chemical used to prevent other materials from bonding to surfaces. It can provide a solution in processes involving mold release, metal die-cast release, plastic release, adhesive release, and tire and PU foam release. It is particularly crucial for the user to understand what types of mold release agents are compatible […]

Description of Water based Release Agent

Release agent is divided into external release agent and internal release agent, external release agent is sprayed on the mold surface, separate the finished product from the mold, prevent the product from sticking to the mold, and also protect the mold against corrosion and destruction. The internal addition release agent is to add the release agent into the raw material, […]

Mold Release Agent Manufacturing Process-A Ultimate Guide

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With the rapid development of injection molding, extrusion, calendering, molding, lamination, and other processes, the mold release agent is widely used in those fields. The quality of the release agent determines whether a high-quality mold can be produced. Meiyahg has more than 20 years of mold release agent manufacturing experience, and its products are sold […]

Classification of PU release Agent

According to the application industry is divided into the following: 1, PU soft foam release agent Used in polyurethane soft foam toys, soft foam damping parts, decorative accessories, as well as fresh soft foam products/products. 2, PU rigid foam release agent Used in furniture accessories, door hand, model hangers, handicrafts and so on. 3, PU imitation wood release […]

How to distinguish the quality of water based release agent?

According to the production of materials, production process, Release agent is divided into: die-casting mold release agent, metal injection mold release agent, forging casting, PU footwear release agent, polyurethane foam release agent, plastic release agent, rubber release agent, carbon fiber release agent, as well as fiberglass, glass molding, concrete and other release agents. However, because the environment is polluted, water […]

Application Technology of PU Shoe Sole Release Agent

PU Gloss Release Agent Water based

Pu Shoe sole release agent, there are water-based and oily-based two kinds, according to application and customer requirements to choose. Sole material, PU,TPU,TPR, sole process requirements: double density (pu+ rubber), flat, brightness, matte light requirements for the surface. The soles in the production, the mold is divided into the upper and lower mold, when making, mold, the production of […]

What are the common problems with polyurethane sole moulding?

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In the molding process of polyurethane sole, the following problems usually occurred: (1)The B component does not dissolve or appear the turbidity phenomenon.Reason: ① heating is insufficient, ② B component and H2O reaction, ③ B component heating time is too long, the temperature is too high; the ④ B component expires. Solution: ① Confirm oven […]