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SAKURAI Composite Release Agent is a chemical used to prevent other materials from bonding to surfaces. It can provide a solution in processes involving carbon fiber mold release, epoxy mold demolding, fiberglass mold releasing, etc.

Details About Bulk Composite Release Agent

  • Brand: SAKURAI
  • Types: Carbon Fiber Release Agent, FRP Fiberglass Release Agent, Epoxy Resin Mold Release Agent, LED Release Agent, PVA Release Agent, Internal Addition Release Agent.
  • MOQ: See the specific product page for details.
  • Free Sample Offered
  • Good stability: Quick film forming on the mold surface with good adhesion, no build up on the molds and products.
  • Easy to clean: Hardly residues remain on the mold, simplify maintenance and no influence for post-processing.

With a high reputation, our Spray Mold Releaser has been exported to India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Iran. and welcomed by local customers. If you’re interested in these lubricating agent, please be free to contact us.