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Dongguan Meiya Chemical Co., Ltd, one of leading mold release agent manufacturers in China, provide composite release agent for the composite material, like PVA material, FRP, carbon fiber, epoxy resin, fiberglass, etc.

Concerned Information About Composite Release Agent

  • Item: Composite Release Agent
  • Manufacturer: Meiya Chemical
  • Brand: SAKURAI
  • MOQ: 200kgs
  • Usage: Auto or Manual Spray, Brush
  • Delivery Time: Delivery within 7days after order confirmation.

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Composite Release Agent is a kind of auxiliary material which makes it easy to separate the composite material parts from the mold. Generally coated on the surface of the mold, so that the parts easy to be separated from the mold. SAKURAI Composite Mold Release provides highly effective release properties for all kinds of a composite material like PVA material, FRP, carbon fiber, epoxy resin, fiber glass,etc.

SAKURAI composite release agent is the latest production technology and environmental protection formula of our company, which can effectively remove all kinds of harmful substances, excluding HAP and PAHS and all kinds of heavy metals. It has been successful passed ROH, REACH, and other latest environmental protection standard, and ISO90001:2008 enterprises production quality certifications. Our composite release agent can form a low surface energy resin film layer through the thermal curing mould, by reducing the mold surface energy and achieve a long-term demoulding effect.

There is the type of composite mold release agent:

  • Water-baed mold release agent
  • Oil-baed mold release agent
  • Solvent-baed mold release agent

Application Of Composite Mold Release Agent

SAKURAI Composite Mold Release Agent is mainly applied to the surface demoulding of carbon fiber, plastic, rubber, polyurethane foam and other products. It can replace the traditional demoulding agent of carbon fiber and glass fiber.

Product Features

  • Good Demolding Cacacity: it can form a film quickly on the surface of the mold, with strong adhesion force and effectively reduce the resistance of product forming film.
  • High Versatility: It can be applied to carbon fiber, glass steel, artificial stone and other materials molding process.
  • Less Transfer: With semi-permanent function, reduce product surface transfer, does not affect the post-processing spraying.
  • Health And Environmental Protection: in line with the environmental protection testing standards, no pungent smell, harmless to human body.
  • Reduce Cost: new 1.3 gallon package, high capacity, low price

How To Use

  1. Take an appropriate amount of cleaning agent to thoroughly clean the mold to remove residual release agent or dirt on the mold, and then wipe dry with clean clean cloth or cotton cloth.
  2. Spray or wipe composite release agent on the surface of the mold. Intermediate interval 15-20 minutes, can be repeated many times on the release agent, to achieve the best release effect.

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