Welcome to Your Order for Wholesale Die Casting Mold Release Agent

SAKURAI, one of the international die casting lubricant manufacturers, focus on researching&manufacturing die casting mold release agent for Aluminum, Zinc Alloy, Magnesium, and another metal die casting process.

Details About Metal Casting Mold Lubricant

  • Name: Metal Casting Release Agent
  • Brand: SAKURAI
  • Types: Aluminium Die Casting Lubricant, Magnesium Die Casting Lubricants, Zinc Alloy Die Casting Release Agent,  Silicon Free Aluminum Die Casting Release Agent, High-temperature Mold Release Agent, Metal Forming Lubricants, Release Agent for Pure Aluminum, Metal Extrusion Release Agent
  • MOQ: See the specific product page for details.
  • Free Sample Offered
  • Professional Manufacturing Factory With Monthly Output Capacity 600 Metric Tons.
  • Delivery Time: Within 3-7 Day After Payment Confirmed

Here are some details about pressure die casting demoulding oil. If you’re interested in bulk die casting mould release agent for sale, please be free to contact us.