About Us

SAKURAI is a brand of Sino-Japan joint venture,our technology and formula is came from Japan, production base is located in China mainland. WE specialize in Mold Release Agents for Metal casting,water based and oil/solvent based Polyurethane foam and PU Shoe Soles, Composite FRP and Carbon fibre and other all kinds of molding applications.Our innovative technologies allow us to provide you the customized release agent that will optimize your production process.

Amino International Chemistry Group(HK) Limited was established in 1976,which is in consists of two subsidiaries in China. Taishan Yamei Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is an organization of ISO 9001:2008 and it is our factory for mold release agents production for over 20 years.Another subsidiaries names Dongguan Meiya Chemical Co.,Ltd which is our sales office and responsible for international and domestic business.

Our factory is a company of ISO 9001:2008 Certified.We are professional manufacturer because we only produce mold release agents in China,which engaged in all kinds of mold release technology research and manufacture for over 20 years. SAKURAI provides comprehensive lines of both solvent/oil based and water based mold release agents and the advantages are minimal build-up on mold surface,reduce transfer to molded products, lower scrap rates in molding operations to increase productivity,help to achieve post-processing (adhesion, gloss varnish, paint etc.)

Over 20 years, the company always adhere to excellent quality and attentive service which has won the truth of our customers and favor.In order to improve customized capacity,the company has independent R & D team to provide tailor-made solution for the customer and to achieve a win-win situation.

Enterprise Vision