How to Use Mold Release Agent for Epoxy Resin

How to Use Mold Release Agent for Epoxy Resin

In the molding process of epoxy resin, in addition to the use of resin, curing agent, and mold, the release agent is also quite important. SAKURAI epoxy resin mold release agents cover solvent-based and water-based types, which creates a thin film between the mold and epoxy resin, preventing the cured epoxy resin from sticking to the mold. If the cured resin sticks to the mold, the mold will be damaged and shorten the mold service life.How to Use Mold Release Agent for Epoxy Resin

Application of Mold Release Agent for Epoxy Resin

Epoxy products are used in many fields, such as carbon fiber products and epoxy furniture casting. When using epoxy resin, you should choose the most proper mold release agent depending on what kind of mold you use.

SAKURAI epoxy resin release agent can be applied for metal molds and resin molds. Metal molds mostly used in compression molding and thermocuring processes. Resin molds mostly used in hand lay-up and vacuum infusion process. The epoxy resin release agent can also be used for wood, plaster, or foam molds which surfaces must be sealed before applied release agent because these materials’ molds are porous and will absorb release agent lead to be ineffective.

Applying the Mold Release Agent


Firstly, the mold surface must be clean and remove any dirt before spray the epoxy resin release agent as well as for the PVA release agent. If any residue is left on the mold surface, the release agent can’t adhere to the mold, because the release agent will straightly flow over the surface without film-forming, which causes sticking mold problems after epoxy resin cured.


After the mold prepared, spray or brush mold release agent to the mold surface, until fully cover the small cavity with a thin layer. Recommend spraying on the mold from 20-30cm distance. Solvent-based release agent drying takes 3 minutes, but water-based release agent is drying much slower which depends on the mold temperature and ambient temperature.


As for new molds and the cleaned mold, we suggest applying three layers of mold release agent, ensure to seal all small cavities before casting resin. After spraying each layer, allow time to dry before applying another layer.



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