Top 5 Mold Release Agent Manufacturers in China

mold release agent manufacturers
  1. Meiyahg Mold Release Agent

Dongguan Meiya Chemical Co. Ltd is the subsidiary of Amino International Chemistry Group Limited. The company is mainly involved in the R&D, manufacturing, and supplying of all kinds of mold release agents. These mold release agents are used for various applications. In the list of mold release agent manufacturers in China, this Meiyahg stands first as it has 20 years of experience in the technology, and production process.


The raw materials used in the manufacturing of mold have been bought all from Japan, and the products manufactured by this company are considered the leading standard in the mold release agent industry. You will find all kinds of mold release and also the company is considered trustworthy as they are in the industry for more than 20 years.

When it comes to the production capacity, the company is releasing 150 tons per day so that they can supply their products worldwide efficiently. All their products will be of premium and stable quality as it passes the R&D chained system.


  1. Professional Silicone-based material manufacturers

The company is mostly known as “Silibase” which is the combination of two words Silicone and based. From the company name, we can clearly understand that the company is mainly focussing on manufacturing and selling all kinds of silicone-based new materials. In the list of mold release agent manufacturers in China, the Silibase is handling all varieties of silicone-based materials such as silicone additives, silicone surfactant, silicone auxiliaries, silicone resins, silicone defoamer, silicone stabilizer, fake water, silicone grease, anti-fog agent, and so on.

mold release agent manufacturers

The best part is that the company is also exporting their products to the international countries and they are doing their export successfully by exporting it to more than 20 overseas countries. Even they are providing the customized product to the customers as for them the customer satisfaction is more important.

In the past years, they started concentrating on polymer and technology by expanding their business. The company is having an R&D team and they are guiding the company to offer high-quality products by helping them from product selection to technical advice.

The main goal of the company is that their customers should find the right product and service that meet their demands.


  1. Qingdao Fihonor Chemical Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

This is another best company on the list of mold release agent manufacturers in China as the company is mainly known for producing the world’s leading rubber additives. The company is known as the Fihonor group as they are not only involved in the manufacturing of rubber additives but even are in the manufacturing of dispersants, protectives, wax, and other such products. The Fihonor group is also involved in other businesses like oil products, new materials, chemical products, textile, and other special chemicals.

mold release agent manufacturers

They are considered the leading enterprise in the rubber chemical industry, as they have passed all levels of quality and other certifications. Most products of the company are widely used by the rubber and tire industry so they maintain a long-term and stable relationship with many of the famous enterprises like Kenda, Doublestar, Linglong, Bridgestone, etc. The company can deliver quality guaranteed products, so the company would be the best place to trust if you are looking for rubber-based products.

The company is considered a professional rubber additive manufacturer and the quality of products will be good. Their rubber additives are mostly used in radial tires and special rubber products. Also, they will extend their services by offering products that will meet the customer’s requirements.



  1. Weifang Greatland Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Weifang Greatland Chemicals was founded in 2001 and they have taken the industry to the next level in the new paper chemicals, so they are considered the best in the list of mold release agent manufacturers in China. They have put a lot of innovation, excellence, and gratitude into the paper chemicals. Even they have developed a lot of excellent new paper chemicals such as paper surface sizing agent, wet strength agent, dry strength agent, retention aid, oil proofing agent, and paper dyes.

mold release agent manufacturers

The scientific research in the production and the sales of paper chemicals has taken the development of the industry to the next level. The company has 20 years of experience and now they have started a production line that offers a production capacity of 50,000 tons per year, and depending on the product the capacity may vary.

The total land area of the production line will come around 110 square meters and the production capacity will share the No: 1 with similar national industries. Even they have introduced advanced technology in the production line and also working hard to improve the efficiency of paper chemicals and to provide them with high-quality to satisfy the customers.



  1. Lota Silicone Oil (Anhui) Co. Ltd.

The last mold release manufacturers in the list of mold release agent manufacturers in China is Lota Silicone Oil. The company is considered the leading manufacturer in the organic silicon industry. The silicon-based technology and the innovation area have made the company provide the whole industry-based silicone performance solutions.

The best part about the company is that they have customers in various fields such as textiles, leather, food & beverage, paint, oil & natural gas, cosmetics, electronics, aerospace, automotive, construction, the medical, casting, personal care, agricultural, and LED.

mold release agent manufacturers

The company is maintaining a long-term and stable relationship with many universities and research institutes which is located in Nanjing. Also, they will make sure that the quality of each product is meeting the requirements of the customer as for them the customer satisfaction is the most important thing. To maintain the relationship with the customer, they will inspect the product thoroughly before the shipment. The reason for providing high-quality products is the technical support and scientific management which is helping the industry to get a high reputation in the market.

The company is even doing the export business and they mainly export their products to countries like South East Asia, South America, Europe, the Middle-East, America, and the Medium-High level China market.

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