Top 5 Mold Release Agent Manufacturers

Mold release agents are chemicals used to prevent any material from bonding with the surface. The solution works not only for mold release but also for adhesives, plastics, tier and web release, as well as die-cast release. The release agent works to separate the mold surface and substrate. However, to get the best results the buyers have to choose one of the best mold release agent manufacturers. Below we provide the information relating to the top 5 release agent manufacturers facilitating the selection.

1. Meiyahg Mold Release Agent


The Dongguan Meiya Chemical Co. Ltd is one of the subsidiaries of the Amino International Chemistry Group of the United Kingdom. The company manufactures Sakurai brand mold release agents and specializes in R&D. The company is listed among the top 5 mold release agent manufacturers because of the following reasons.

Meiyahg-best mold release agent manufacturer (1)

  • It is one of the mold release agent manufacturers that delivers release agents usable in a wide array of applications;
  • It uses the most advanced Sin-Japanese technologies improving the quality of the release agents considerably; and
  • Sakurai standard has been enhanced greatly with the adoption of Vertical R&D Chained system since 2010.

The manufacturer has over two decades of experience in mold release agent manufacturing. The company has earned prestigious awards like the “China Green Star Enterprise” and the “China High-Tech Enterprise”. Its main products are –

  • Polyurethane release agents;
  • Various non-conventional release agents;
  • Epoxy resin release agents;
  • Die casting release agents;
  • PVA mold release agents;
  • Concrete release agents;
  • Plastic release agents; and
  • Fiberglass release agents.

You can get in touch with the company by phone at 86-769-22623512 or by email at [email protected].

  1. Miller-Stephenson Mold Release Agents

With over five decades of successful existence in the industry Miller-Stephenson easily finds a place in the list of the top 5 mold release agent manufacturers in the industry. The company has earned the trust and goodwill of customers owing to the following reasons.

Miller-Stephenson Mold Release Agents (1)

  • Mold release agents manufactured by the company are designed to give good performances at economic prices;
  • The manufacturer specializes in handling the most complex molding applications and
  • It has developed special release agents for composite and FRP, elastomer, rubber, polyurethane, vacuum, mandrel lay-up, and extrusion PU molding.

Products of the company have been successfully used as a release of critical molding parts including the airplane stow bins and O-rings among others. Their release agents are non-flammable and eco-friendly. Miller-Stephenson also specializes in manufacturing water-based release agents. The manufacturer designs –

  • Semi-permanent mold release agents like the ReleaSysTM;
  • PTFE mold release agents like the MS-122 and MS-143 series; and
  • High-temperature release agents that can work at a temperature over 1562°F / 842°C.

You can use the following link to get in touch.

  1. Smooth-On Inc

Smooth-on Inc markets UniversalTM Mold Release Agent designed especially for mold making and casting. The product works well with different types of liquid rubber and plastic products. Such features of the product have put the company among the top 5 mold release agent manufacturers in the industry. Universal mold release can 

Smooth-on Inc (1)

  • Easily release a wide variety of materials such as epoxies, plastic, and rubber;
  • Make the use easier as it is available in aerosol spray as well as liquid form; and
  • Increase the durability of the product and ensure cost economy.

Smooth-On is well established as a manufacturer of high-quality mold release agents. It is the industry leader providing mold release agents best fitted for materials like rubber, polyurethane, and plastic and foams. The best part of it is that it can fulfill the user’s dream giving them 3-dimensional realities.

You can contact the manufacturer over the phone at (610)252-5800 or toll-free (800)762-0744. You can also use the following link.

  1. Stoner Molding Solutions

One of the top 5 mold release agent manufacturers Stoner Mold Solution has been around in the industry since 1942. The company has not only successfully helped many clients to improve their products but also wrote a book on the topic that has been widely acclaimed. The main features of the company products are as follows.

Stoner Molding Solutions (1)

  • Products manufactured are designed to optimize the production process;
  • All of them are unique and designed in house by the manufacturer;
  • They are high value as well as customer-specific items; and
  • The company markets the product globally and has put in place a highly efficient customer care service for the clients.

The most popular mold release agents manufactured by the company are as follows.

  • E 206 Silicone Mold Release;
  • Tracys 420 General Purpose Mold Release;
  • P441 Releasomers Heavy Duty Mold Release; and
  • E302 Rocket Mold Release.

You can get in touch with them using toll-free numbers 1-888-303-4973 for USA and +1-717-500-3543 as an international customer. Or you can visit the following link.

  1. McLube Mold Release Agent

McLube easily finds a place in the list of top 5 molding agent release manufacturers in the market because it works with the motto of improving the customer’s experience of mold release. The manufacturer prioritizes the following aspects.

mclube release agent (1)

  • Increasing the molding efficiency;
  • Help achievement of process goals;
  • Achievement of the task through the use of highly proficient expert professional workers;
  • Each of the McLube products is tailored to meet the mold release for a specific material; and
  • Customizing the products according to the requirements of the customers.

The manufacturer works intending to combine sustainability and cost economy in its products. Established back in the year 1954 the manufacturer has been able to establish its brand recognition globally. It also manufactures a host of products that are unique and at the same time are eco-friendly and hygienic. You can visit the link below to get in touch.

Mold release agents are used as the barrier between the substrate and the surface. Having such a barrier is indispensable because without it the substrate can fuse with the surface causing loss of production. However, you need to find one of the best mold release agent manufacturers that would provide products generating 100% results for you.

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