What are the common problems with polyurethane sole moulding?

pu release agent

In the molding process of polyurethane sole, the following problems usually occurred: (1)The B component does not dissolve or appear the turbidity phenomenon.Reason: ① heating is insufficient, ② B component and H2O reaction, ③ B component heating time is too long, the temperature is too high; the ④ B component expires. Solution: ① Confirm oven […]

PU Shoe Soles Release Agent

SAKURAI Mold Release Agent for PU Shoe Soles, PU footwear, PU slipper and PU sandal, includes water based and oil based type. The quality performances are stable demoulding force, smooth surface finished, easy to release and without side-effect for post processing, such as painting and adhesive process. PU Shoe Soles Release Agent  MK-PU-111 (Oil Based) Description […]

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