A Complete Guide About Concrete Release Agent

Concrete is not strange to us, we often see concrete products in daily life, in the production process we will see a variety of templates, metal, wood, plastic and so on. In order to make the service life of the template longer, the template is easier to clean, workers work more relaxed and safe, so in the concrete pouring products before, wiping a thin layer of concrete release agent on the mold, can effectively protect the mold and release easy, labor-saving.

  • What is a concrete release agent?

The concrete release agent is a kind of processing auxiliary material, which is mainly used for demoulding. It is a kind of functional material between the mold and the finished product, which can effectively prevent the precasting concrete products from sticking to the molds.

  • what is the concrete release agent made of?

Generally, the new mineral base oil is used to make oily concrete release agent or water-based concrete release agent made of silicon emulsion. This kind of release agent oil is controlled and monitored through various links, which has certain guarantees for environmental protection and workers’ health. Sakurai oil-based concrete release agent is produced by polymeric materials, film isolation agent, surfactant and other professional synthesis technology. Sakurai water-based concrete demoulding agent introduction: combined with the characteristics of similar products at home and abroad, targeted development of the fourth generation of high-efficiency demoulding agent, by polymer and a variety of chemically active substances using the most sophisticated molecular synthesis technology through special process synthesis of the microemulsion, with the advantages of fast molding and easy stripping.


  • Types of concrete release agent

It is mainly divided into oily concrete release agents and water-based concrete release agents. Sakurai oily concrete release agent has the advantages of good release performance, non-toxic, tasteless, non-flammable, easy to use, rapid molding, water erosion protection template. Sakurai water-based concrete release agent has the advantages of water-based polymer composite concentrated material through a unique formula of grinding and processing of environmental protection products, with excellent isolation performance, easy to dismantle the mold, protect the mold, prolong the mold service life.

  • Application Of Concrete Mold Release Agent

Sakurai oil-based concrete demoulding oil is suitable for steel mold, wood mold, bamboo rubber mold of railway bridges, highway bridges, subway tunnels, water conservancy DAMS and other concrete projects. Coated in bridge formwork, column mold, pier mold, large steel mold surface with high-quality demoulding performance, is a high-quality special demoulding agent. Sakurai water-based concrete release agent is suitable for large cement bridge girder factory, highway, overpass, cement pipe factory, cement prediction production of molding demoulding concrete construction of steel mold, aluminum alloy mold, wood mold, bamboo glue mold and resin mold.


  • How to use concrete release agent?


Need to clean the mold first, reducing effect of the use performance. The concrete release agent can be used directly or diluted with solvent. For first-time molding, spray two or three times release agent on mold evenly. This product must be evenly coated on the mold surface, after the release agent is dry, and start concrete production. Use by spraying or a roller, brush coating are both applicable. Re-apply a new coat of release agent after each molding.

  • Tips on choosing the best concrete release agent

Select concrete release agent mainly considers the following factors:

  1. Easy demoulding; 2.Good durability; 3. Good surface effect; 4. No transfer phenomenon. 5. Low smell; 6. Good coating property; 7. Good applicability.

Sakurai concrete demoulding agent is suitable for a wide range of mold types, de-molding product surface gloss is high, good smoothness; Room temperature curing, mold scaling phenomenon will not occur.



Concrete release agent isolation depends on its surface properties, its significant characteristic is the critical surface tension is small, because it is difficult to be wet by liquid, so it achieves the demoulding performance. The above is about the descriptions of concrete release agents, I hope to provide some help to your purchase, to help you buy environmentally friendly release agent products.

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