How To Clean Resin Molds/Useful 10 Ways To Clean Resin Molds In Seconds

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Best Ways to clean resin molds in seconds

2.1 Soapy water

2.2 Mold Release agent

2.3 Soft Brush

2.4 Use Tape

2.5 Freezer

2.6 Baby Wipes

2.7 Acetone

2.8 Alcohol

Resin Mold care tips

3.1 Don’t Mix molds and fire

3.2 Take care while demolding

3.3 Don’t overpour

4. Here are Care tips

5. Conclusion


I know you have an impressive repertoire of resin molds to use to make gorgeous jewelry and different trinkets. You can mold it to turn your plan into a fun thing.

You will get a chance to do your creative work for free. Now you also need to know that if you do not clean and take care of the molds properly, then the molds will get spoiled over time. If they are cleaned properly, they will last for a long time.

The resin that you put in the mold can make the thing you like, in which jewelry also comes. But after making it, how will you clean the residue that sticks in the mold? We have told many easy ways to clean it quickly in a very easy way.

You can clean your mold in all these ways in which there will be no harm to your mold. We have also told you what you should not do with this.

Best ways to clean resin molds in seconds

How to clean resin molds But it will all be different from where you want to clean resin molds. For example, if there is plastic then you can try to get it out with your fingers. If that’s not even clearer, you can try industrial-strength acetone from a hardware store.

1. soapy water

Soapy water is great for your molds. You can clean the molds by using a little warm water with dish soap. You can use hot water of higher temperature for this because silicone can withstand the high temperature and there is no problem.

When you clean the molds with soapy water, you do not use all these things which are sharp and can scratch your molds like- a sponge, steel wool, or scrubbing with any sharp object. So that your molds will not get spoiled even after cleaning them properly.

Soapy water to clean resin molds

2. Mold release agent

This mold release agent is a non-stick base agent used by a manufacturer to make a mold. It is used to simplify production. Which also gives you ease in demolding like this.

You can add a thin layer before pouring the epoxy into shape which will make it easier to demold and you can use a spray release agent. Which you can do 10 minutes before coming and giving.

Mold release agent to clean resin molds

3. Soft brush

A soft brush is a very good option so that you can clean your molds without any damage, you can use a soft brush that is easily available to you.

You can also use a soft toothbrush. Which cleans the silicone very well. If you rub it comfortably, it will be clean, in which you can also use a cosmetic brush.

Soft brush to clean resin molds

4. Use Tape

Right now there will be some residue left in your mold that you want to clean, but for this, you can use tape in addition to many methods. I have a separate tape for this. And I will also prefer brown tape packing with different brands in it.

In this, I will tell you to clean it from many places with a piece of tape. If it clears then it’s ok otherwise I’ll tell you to keep another new piece of tape. I use brown tape but it has residue. But it also pulls out the remnants of the mold very well.

Use Tape to clean resin molds

5. Freezer

The freezer is one such way that it is very easy to clean the mold. First of all, you have to put the mold in the freezer for a few hours and after a few hours, the residue will settle which can be easily taken out. But in this, you should take the food out of the freezer or put the mold in a bag so that the food kept in the freezer is not polluted.

Apart from this, if any residue remains in the mold, then you can wash the mold. and after the freezer, you can slap him a little dead and get him out.

Freezer to clean resin molds

6. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are also great for cleaning the mold you have to clean most of the resin first after cleaning the mold after that you have to go through the process of cleaning again and again with baby wipes until the mold is clean its corners Clean it too well and do it every time with a new wipe, which will clean well and soon.

Baby Wipes to clean resin molds

7. Acetone

you have to spray acetone in your sticky mold. After that, you have to leave it for a while so that the resin gets loose after which you can clean it easily. But even after that, you have to clean it slowly with a soft cloth. This will help you break down the resin and come out with ease.

Acetone also has some advantages and disadvantages which are as follows

This is one of the easier and more efficient methods than other methods. This is its advantage.

Talking about its disadvantages, it will not be easily available to you from other things. And this is a chemical that you have to take special care of for your safety while using it like you can wear gloves. Which will save you from harming your hands.

Acetone  to clean resin molds

8. Alcohol

The process of alcohol is similar to that of acetone, in which the alcohol has to be sprayed on the dried resin, and later you have to clean it with a soft cloth because if the resin dries it becomes difficult to get it out of the mold. But you can clean it like this using alcohol. It works like a charm.

Alcohol to clean resin molds

Resin Mold care tips


Don’t Mix molds and fire

If you want to eliminate bubbles from your mixed resin and you can not give direct fire in this, you also damage the mold. Silicone can withstand high temperatures, but that doesn’t mean it won’t go bad if you put it in front of a fire.

To overcome its bubble problem, you can first burn it in a separate container. After that, you can put it in such a mold.

 We have told you here how to clean mold in a very short time. We know how you can keep your resin mold looking good for a long time.

Take care while demolding

If you made it with hard work, now you have to take it out of the mold very carefully because in which you can increase the life of your mold as well. In this, you have to first remove the piece without pulling it. After this, if you detach the cast from the mold, do not turn the mold completely upside down.

Don’t overpour

If you put too much resin in the mold, it can get spoiled by overheating. So that if it gets deformed, then it will not come back. More resin is exposed on the outer layer of the mold.

You clean the mold both before and after using them so that the mold will also be good and keep giving good compositions.


Here are Care tips

#1 Tip:- You should never wash the mold with very hot water.

#2 Tip:- Never allow the mold to be pressed, due to which it may deform. And due to it being silicone, it does not spot again after being deformed.

#3 Tip:- Use cardboard, in which you can distribute the mold evenly from a piece of cardboard on one layer to the next layer.

#4 Tip:- Never leave the resin mold in excessive sunlight or heat as the sun dries out the mold and when you pour the resin it will stick to the mold. and will come and lose.

#5 Tip:- If you want to mark your mold for some reason, then make some kind of hole in it, this will weaken it and when you pour resin, it will not give its shape, for this you can use a marker.

#6 Tip:- When you first pour the resin into the mold, do not heat it more than the gun, which can spoil it with time. And it can even melt.

#7 Tip:- Clean the mold both before and after use


Molds are made to tolerate heat but there is a limit to the extent to which they can tolerate heat. Therefore, do not pour the resin into the molds more than necessary, which can damage the mold.

if you put it well in the layers, then it will also reduce the bubbles in it. In this, you can put the pre-heated wax before the resin, which will make it easier for you to demold.


All silicone molds require special care whether it is epoxy resin molds or anyone from which if you take care of it, then you can make it last for a very long time which you can clean very well by our mentioned methods.

you can use soap with hot water in which you can soak the mold and later clean it with your hands comfortably. Do it in such a way that it does not get scratched which can spoil the mold.

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