Classification of PU release Agent

According to the application industry is divided into the following:

1, PU soft foam release agent

Used in polyurethane soft foam toys, soft foam damping parts, decorative accessories, as well as fresh soft foam products/products.

2, PU rigid foam release agent

Used in furniture accessories, door hand, model hangers, handicrafts and so on.

3, PU imitation wood release agent

Used in imitation wood furniture, decorative strips, photo frames, beds, instead of traditional wood, firmer, more durable, waterproof.

4, PU Flexible foam release agent

Applied in cushion, mattress, high rebound toys, such as vent release pressure toys.

5, PU slow rebound release agent

Apply in Pu pillow, slow rebound filled items.

6, PU insulation panel release agent

Used in refrigerator freezer, cold storage of the insulation board, as well as the roof insulation board, as well as air-conditioning, solar hot water pipe insulation temperature pipe.

7, PU integral skin release agent

Used in the car’s dashboard, steering wheel, bumpers and other similar parts.

8, PU car ceiling cover mold release agent

Used in car top die, car bottom die forming demoulding.

9, PU elastomer release agent

Used in PU rubber tires, cots, such as printing presses, equipment, transmission equipment, some machinery and equipment.

10. Pu Shoe Sole Release agent

Pu sole release agent can also be subdivided into: sole surface molding, water based direct use, water-based soles of the bottom molding, water-based soles of the bottom molding stripping. Such as: sandals, high heels, sports shoes, slippers, shoes soles and other soles molding stripping.

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