How to distinguish the quality of water based release agent?

According to the production of materials, production process, Release agent is divided into: die-casting mold release agent, metal injection mold release agent, forging casting, PU footwear release agent, polyurethane foam release agent, plastic release agent, rubber release agent, carbon fiber release agent, as well as fiberglass, glass molding, concrete and other release agents.

However, because the environment is polluted, water pollution, air pollution, so the world attaches great importance to environmental protection, so release agent is gradually changed to water release agent from the original oily release agent, for environmental protection release agent.

How to distinguish the quality of water-based release agent ?

Water-based release agent, simply said, the water is intermediate material. In production, mold has a certain temperature, or even high temperature, when some oil is intermediate material, will rised burnt odors and some harmful gases, so the water is relatively good ideal intermediate material.

Water as a medium, in the high-temperature environment, moisture evaporation, forming the demoulding film with effecti components, effectively evenly attached to the mold cavity.

So the first characteristic of water-based release agent is high temperature resistance, good water-based release agent, good high-temperature performance.

1. Resistance to certain high temperature;(Maximum 1500℃)

2. All release agents, need to be resistant to erosion, mold injection of raw materials with strong thermal impact; 

3. After molding, to remove products from the mold, so demoulding performance is better, cannot stick to mould, 

4. After demoulding, the mold cannot have the residue material, the product surface also cannot have accumulates the carbon residue and the blowhole; 

5. The release agent cannot destroy the mold, won’t corrode mold.

6. Release Agent no odor, no volatile matter, there is no smoke in the high temperature, no poisonous gas is produced. 

However, oily release agent also has environmental protection model, due to production process is special, some oily release agents haven’t replacement with water-based release agent.

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