Description of Water based Release Agent

Release agent is divided into external release agent and internal release agent, external release agent is sprayed on the mold surface, separate the finished product from the mold, prevent the product from sticking to the mold, and also protect the mold against corrosion and destruction. The internal addition release agent is to add the release agent into the raw material, plastic, rubber, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, carbon fiber and other product raw materials. In the process of production, release agent will migrate to the product surface and being a thin film, play a role in demoulding between molds and products.

Release agent also has oily release agent, solvent-based release agent, semi-permanent release agents.

So, what is water-based release agent? 

Sakurai water-based Release agent is composed by environmentally friendly formulations and raw materials, generally supplying customers with concentrate water-based release agent, diluted with clean water with high ratio, cost-effective, help end-users to save costs.

The method of using water based release agent:

1. Before using release agent, must clean the mold, can not leave old residues, such as: Mold rust iron, oily dirt and so on.

2. Dilute the concentrate release agent based on a suitable ratio, cannot use undergroud water which is mineral containing, use normal tap clean water is ok.

3.Sprayed with gun or brush release agent evenly on the mold surface.

5. After spraying release agent, it must be 100% drying before production, recommend to blow dry firstly and wipe dry with cotton cloth.

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