Mould Release Agent for Rubber


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Quality assurance

Over 20 years,SAKURAI new product research and development work of mould release technology is to ensure the normative and the quality and safety requirements to comply with worldwide regulations.The development process is to ensure that all research work in a planned, effective, and complete specifications of conduct, service and supervise each project company research . Our main job is to protect the quality of the various stages of the project, including the quality of the file system management, personnel training, and validation of measurement instruments,environmental monitoring, audits and on-site verification of the original record and declare support for patent work.

Data and Information Management System database

According to the company developed business features tailored data management system database, before all the research and clinical research, clinical research data are submitted to the data information management system for unified management database to ensure data safety norms,while the raw data for easy retrieval analysis of all aspects of the development of innovative mould release agents by compared in various aspects; and built a set of comprehensive research and development of raw materials required application mat-erials and other business management systems to support the application and all materials for future reference search function;to promote the company's research and development projects to provide adequate research data protection and material support.




R&D Investment

We put 20% of net profit as the R & D funds into research and development for new products every year.