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Polyurethane Slow Recovery Foam Mold Release Agent

Item No.: MK-SR306
SAKURAI release agent MK-SR306 for PU Slow Recovery foam  is an efficient PU product wax Release agent.
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Mold Release Agent for Polyurethane(PU) Slow Recovery Foam MK-SR306


SAKRUAI release agent MK-SR306 for PU Slow Recovery foam  is a efficient wax PU product Release agent which use the foreign advanced production technology and imported raw materials through a speial Porcess product.Has a better levelling property and adhesive force in hot mould surface.Good Performance of becoming filr.Convenient to use and effecitive to demould,efficacy and economoc effificncy is remarkable.


Typical properties


Milky white sticky object in normal  temperature

Solid Content

>16.5%(under 1400 °C drying 35minutes)

Density 500°C 0.72±0.01g/ml
Grain Size <5um

Dilute 10 fold under normal temperature


Slow recovery release agent can use to slow recovery sponge,such as memory foam, slow recovery's demould.

Method of use

MK-SR306 slow recovery release agent can use Heptane dilution directly, The  dilution  rate  base  on  the  client's  mould material and requirements.Please need sample to use before the large quantities of use, to make sure the suitable concentration.Only fully stirred can take out the material to dilution after open the packaging.During the dilution and spray Process,must need to keep on tirring,strictly prohibit mix with oil contamination or water.


 20 Kgs/Barrel       160 kgs/Drum

1. Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
We are one of leader manufacturer of Mold Release Agents in China.
2. Do you supply free sample?
We supply free sample within 1kg and you got to pay for courier freight cost. The trial cost we refund to you on bulk order.
3. Do you supply concentrate or ready-to-use release agent?
Based on your choice, concentrate and ready-to-use are both available for your purchasing.
4. What is your shipping method and transportation?
For sample,we mostly deliver small packages by Fedex/DHL/TNT air cargo with door-to-door service, which are safe and reliable for chemical liquid delivery. For bulk order, sea transportation is our first choice to save shipping cost. We make efforts to satisfy your specify requirements.
5.What is your suggestions for sample trial?
First, We suggest that everytime you use a small quantity of samples to test. Because the quantity of samples is limited, PLEASE do not use up all the samples for testing in one-time. so you can test samples for many times. If first time testing is failed, then we can have a second chance to adjust the testing process. You should adjust a suitable dilution ratio according to the specific practical testing.