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Hand paste FRP Products smooth stripping of the coup has these

Demoulding is a very important process in the production of FRP hand-paste products. FRP Hand paste products to smooth demoulding, mold structure must be reasonable. If the product has no demoulding taper, larger vertical surface, or has inverted taper and affects the concave and convex parts of demoulding, it should adopt the piecewise type combination mould. If the use of air pressure stripping, can be made into a whole mold. To produce qualified FRP products, the correct selection of demoulding materials and demoulding methods is essential.

Selection of demoulding materials

The synthetic resin has the very good stickiness, even if the mold surface is smooth also can make the product and the mold bond together. To make the product smooth demoulding, it is necessary to use effective demoulding materials. If improper selection, it will bring difficulties to the construction, so that the mold and products are damaged. Commonly used demoulding materials are: Film, FRP special release agent (such as SAKURAI FRP Special release agent model: MK-SC-01 / MK-SC-02), demoulding wax.

Selection of demoulding method

(1) Manual demoulding
The general practice is to use a rubber hammer or wood hammer percussion mold, so that parts of the product and mold off. Can be judged from the sound of knocking off, if the sound of empty, light has been off, and then gradually expand the tapping point, so that the opening range gradually expanded, the last section with tools to pry the product off. Pry, select in the product flanging, if there is no flanging, you can reserve a few edges on the product edge, take off and then go. If the tool is inserted directly into the gap between the product and the mold, it will damage the product and mold, affect the life of the mold and the quality of the product.

(2) Mechanical stripping
Commonly used mechanical demoulding are: Screw lifting method, traction method and air pressure method. The screw jacking method is to set the screw lifting device on the die. Small products only set one, larger products can be set more than, can also be used to lift the mold jack. Traction method, using hoist, crane, etc. to pull products or molds, so that the demoulding. Air pressure method is the compressed air produced by the compressor into the product and mold contact surface, the use of compressed air expansion force to make products and molds off, this is the most simple, the best effect of demoulding method, this method regardless of product size, yin, mould can be used, especially for no demoulding taper cylinder.