What Is The Best Release Agent For Epoxy Resin?


Are you a resin art lover? Then you might often come across the search for the best release agent for epoxy resin. Playing with resins is always fun; finding the right release agent is challenging. Your complete effort on a project could fail if you don’t have the proper material for releasing resin. In this blog, you will get the complete guide on what release agents you could use for the resin molds. Also, it would help you choose the best one. So, let’s start with it.

What is the best release agent for epoxy resin?

The key component for the resin project depends on the fact that you must extract the resin from its mold. Once you have used the mold to develop the shape, you must remove it. Remember that if, in this process, the resin sticks back to the mold, the entire effort fails. It would certainly de-shape the resin mold and reduce the resin’s purity and neatness.
Sometimes, the resin could stick to the mold, so discarding the mold with resin is the only solution left. Therefore, you always require mold release for resin. Further, you will get a list of the epoxy resin release agent. Select the one that suits you or is convenient for you to use.

  • Resin mold release spray

resin mold release spray

When the mold you use has corners, creases, and depths, mold release spray is good. This resin mold release can reach every crease inaccessible to you. Before using the spray, check for impurities in the mold. If it includes contaminants, then clean the surface before applying the spray. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve efficient results.
Thus, to use the resin mold release spray, first, spray its cloud in the air. Immediately take the mold in front of that cloud of mist two to three times. You might feel the spray hasn’t reached the mold surface, but you’re mistaken. This epoxy mold release effectively covers the entire mold. Let the spray mists dry for like about fifteen to thirty minutes. Then you can continue using it for the resin project.
It is often considered the best mold release for resin.

  • Wax mold release for epoxy

mold release wax

As the name suggests, it is a wax-type epoxy release agent. The mold release wax has a thick consistency. You must use a brush to apply the wax on the mold. Then, cover the entire mold with the wax. After you insert the resin in the mold and it gets cured, the purpose of this wax starts here. This resin mold release will allow you to remove the epoxy resin from the mold easily. If the wax still sticks to the mold, wash it with water and dry it.
Thus, if you want to use the same mold for the second time, apply the wax again. Hence, this mold release for resin is convenient to use. Choose this product when searching for the best mold release for epoxy resin.

  • PVA release Lacquer

PVA release lacquer

The PVA-release lacquer is an alcohol-based epoxy release agent. Its versatile usage makes it perfect to use against the resin. Similarly, you could use it for polyurethane and other epoxy resins. It is often used with a wax or spray-type resin mold release.
For example, using the wax and PVA lacquer together provides the best resin mold release agent. Rub a clean cloth against the wax and make sure to get enough quantity of it. Then, hold the mold in your hand and gently rub that cloth all over the mold completely. Hence, apply this epoxy release agent in multiple layers. Now take a spatula and insert it in the PVA release lacquer. You can even use a hard brush instead of a spatula. Afterward, apply the PVA on the mold. As it is water-soluble, it makes a thin layer on the mold.
If you have a spray gun, it is good; you could apply it more efficiently. Otherwise, the spatula is enough for its application. The more layers you would apply to the mold, the more effective results it produces. Once it dries, the mold is ready for use. When you remove the resin from the mold, the epoxy mold release also removes like a thin plastic film.

Now let’s see what other substitutes you could use as the mold release agent for epoxy.

  • Vaseline

To release the resin from its mold, use Vaseline. Apply it over the mold before adding the epoxy resin. This mold release for epoxy prevents the resin from sticking to the mold. However, remember that it is not very good material. You might see some stains of the epoxy resin residues even after you remove them.

  • Talcum powder

The mold you use is circular, even shaped; then talcum powder works the best. Well, there are many limitations to using this epoxy mold release material.

  • Spirit with petroleum jelly

An average kind of resin mold release agent is to use petroleum jelly with spirit. To start the procedure, add a scope of petroleum jelly in a glass bottle. Then, add enough spirit to dip petroleum jelly in the bottle completely. Afterward, close the bottle lid and shake it.
Now take a small container, fill it in hot water, and place the glass bottle inside. Make sure the quantity of water should completely submerge in the glass bottle. After a while, the hot water would melt the petroleum jelly and completely dissolve it in the spirit. The mold release for resin is ready. Now apply it to the mold you are going to use. The resin would easily get off the mold.

What is a good release agent for epoxy?

Most of you would be curious about the best mold release for epoxy resin; however, it is a long debate. Every release agent has some exclusive features that make it the best one. Similarly, these all come with some consequences too. The best and most effective resin mold release agent could be the spray or wax agent. However, don’t forget to include the PVA release with them. Their combination would give you the best results.


Your search for the best release agent for epoxy resin ends with this blog. The listed release agents come with specific features and properties. Therefore, you can choose them according to your requirements.

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