Benefits Of Polyurethane Release Agent


Resin arts in a new boom to the art and craft field. Therefore those interested in this art or practice must know about mold release agents. The polyurethane release agent is a Mold release agent. To know more about them, you have to read this blog ahead. So, let’s get started with it!

What is a polyurethane release agent?

polyurethane release agent

Are you a great fan of resin art? If yes, your experiences with a mold release agent must be common. In this art, you have to mold a chemical substance in a shape you want that mold to have. However, at the early stage of the art, the beginners encounter a challenge. The challenge is that the mold-making material sticks to the sample mold’s surface. Hence, the new users struggle to separate the mold from the substance you put in to make a mold.
Sometimes they might successfully separate these two, but the contamination left fades the delicacy and purity of the mold. Of course, the user wouldn’t want this to happen. To ease this job, you have to use mold release agents. These agents smooth the process of removal of mold substance from the mold. Moreover, the releasing agent comes with the properties to prevent the sticking of mold substance with the mold.
You must first apply a release agent to the mold to start this process. Then apply the casting material to the mold. Similarly, you have to apply a release agent after every attempt. Sometimes, the one-time application would benefit the mold many times.

What are the benefits of mold release agent for polyurethane?

mold release agent for polyurethane

Below are some benefits of using this particular mold release agent. So, let’s go through them to understand their usage better.

1. Pace up the entire molding process

Molding is a process that involves various steps. If one step takes more time to work, the entire process fails to deliver the results timely. Hence, it delays the process, resulting in poor mold formation. Therefore, a polyurethane mold release agent can help pace the process.

2. Prevent damage to the product

One has to be very careful when dealing with mold. Things could be worse if the mold sticks with the substance you poured for molding. For example, if you face difficulties in removing both, then it wastes your effort. Slight damage to the newly prepared mold would eventually make you throw it away. Similarly, the impurities stick to the mold, which further prevents the process from accomplishing. Also, it prevents you from doing the perfect casting for the mold.
This release agent would allow you to carefully extract the mold from sticking back. Hence you receive a great mold with perfection.

3. Quick cleaning

The use of release agents allows users to provide less cleaning. Hence after using the mold, they need to wipe the surface slightly, and all is done. They don’t need to try to scratch the rigid remaining mold substance.

4. Increases the mold life

A mold could give you the best results until and unless you keep providing maintenance services like cleaning. You must provide more maintenance services without the use of a polyurethane release agent. Hence, a release agent would prevent the mold from getting frequent services.

How to use the mold releasing agents?

polyurethane mold release agent

Well, the epoxy resin is something fun to deal with. You could create any shape and even mold out of it. However, extracting the cured resin from the mold is challenging. Hence, you must use the mold release agent for polyurethane at this step. The release agent would develop a barrier between the mold and the resin. Let’s know to see how to use it.
One thing to keep in mind is that you shall use a moderate amount of release agent in the mold. Hence refrain from. Using it in too much quantity. High-quantity usage would form white streaks on the mold. The usage of the polyurethane mold release agent depends upon the types of agents you could use. Every type might vary from one another.

Spray-type releasing agent

What if the polyurethane mold release comes in spray form? The following is the process you have to follow.

  • Make sure you are present outdoor while doing this job.
  • Hold the mold piece in one hand and the mold release spare in the other.
  • Then you have to press the spray and allow it to create a light cloud of mist.
  • Immediately take your mold towards the cloud.
  • Repeat this step twice or thrice until the polyurethane release agent completely sticks to the surface.
  • One thing to notice is that you don’t directly spray the release agent on the mold.
  • Leave it for about half an hour until the release agent completely dries off.

Mold release wax

Another type of mold release agent for polyurethane comes in wax form.

  • Take the mold release wax.
  • Open its lid and take a wipe or a thin cloth.
  • Now wrap the wipe around the finger and place the finger in the wax containers.
  • You have to gently rub the wipe over the wax and apply it all over the object you want the mold to have the shape of it.
  • Once you are done, get polyurethane release agent to dry quickly. Otherwise, it would not get off easily later in the process.
  • Next, use a brush to apply the PVA on the wax you already applied.
  • You should apply at least two to three layers to this.
  • Once this PVA dries, you can do its patch test by removing the film if you are successful.


When you use a semi-permanent Mold release agent for polyurethane, then it prevents frequent application. Once you have applied, it will last for some applications. Hence it prevents the mold from sticking to the surface. Also, it prevents the contamination from spreading.
This particular type further expands to two different types of release agents. Let’s see what these are.

  • Epoxy release agent

As the name suggests, these release agents consist of silicon.

  • Silicon release agent

Well, this type of polyurethane release agent provides effective removal of mold.

Whatever release agent you choose, you should consider its effectiveness thoroughly. Once you are satisfied with its results, then do purchase them.


The benefits of the polyurethane release agent have hooked everybody. Make use of this release agent at home and enjoy your resin art with this release agent. By proving you with great convenience, it helps to boost the productivity of this work.

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