How To Make Mold Release Agent

mold release agent manufacturing

There are many situations when a mold needs to be created for any type of surface and being able to do this with the best possible result is going to be very important. This is the reason why the use of mold release agents is crucial for this process to be done properly.

What is a mold release agent?

A mold release agent ,also named mould release oil, release agent lubricant, is any kind of chemical agent that can be used in order to prevent the bonding of materials to any specific surface. This is an ideal solution for any issues that could occur with a molding process with mold, plastic, adhesive, and web releases during any cycle.

This is an essential part of any molding cycle and the higher the quality of the agents, the more cycles can be done without the need for other applications. This is why it’s important to know what type of molding agent to use depending on the specific needs during any given project.

plastic mold release agent

What are the types of mold release agents?

There are many types of release agents available and they all have their own attributes and uses. The important thing is to know when to use each of these mold release agents to guarantee the best outcome. Having professional guidance in this process is also going to be very useful.

  • Sacrificial mold release agent

This is not the most popular type of mold release agent because it needs to be applied several times before every molding operation cycle. You could say that this is the least popular and used type of molding agent when you want to have long-lasting coatings.

  • Solvent-based mold release agent

This is a great type of coating due to how fast it dries up and this makes it extremely practical. The biggest issue with this type of coating is that it contains a lot of hazardous ingredients and this makes it extremely toxic, bot to mention that it is also very flammable, so it does pose many risks.

  • Water-based mold release agents

In contrast with solvent-based molding agents, the water-based release is going to take much loge to dry up, but the health hazards are much lower and this makes it the least toxic molding agent that can be used for any kind of purpose.

  • Semi-permanent mold release agent

There is no way to measure how many releases will be possible before you need to apply this mold release agent again, but it does provide a very reliable solution that will help you avoid having to apply the agent again and again for every single cycle you do when molding.

Application of Mold Release Agent


  • Mold Release Agent For Polyurethane

Water-based&Oil-based Polyurethane release agent is specially designed for polyurethane material, such as PU soft foam, PU rigid foam, PU flexible foam, PU shoe Sole, PU rubber tires, etc. Widely used in air filters, decorative ornaments, Imitation wood furniture skate wheels, foam seats and dashboards, shoe soles,  automotive anti-collision parts, drive belts, car ceiling, car carpets, car roof,  PU toys, and other product components.

  • Release Agent For Metal casting

When any kind of metal is being cast or forged, you can use a mold release agent for die casting to avoid any issues. Our die casting mold release agent works with Aluminum, Zinc, magnesium as well as aluminum alloy and zinc alloy.

  • Release Agent For Composite Material

SAKURAI composite mold release agent has been optimized to cover industry applications from PVA material to advanced composites material, like Carbon Fiber, Fibreglass, Epoxy Resin, FRP Glass Fibre. Mainly provide for small&large manufacturers of PVA Products, Hole LED Lamp, Bicycle frame, Phone shell, etc.

  • Other
    • Rubber

You can use water diluted silicone mold release agents as well as semi-permanent in order to get the best results when working in the process of molding any products made out of rubber.

    • Plastics

Most mold release agents work well with plastic, but the kind that is used is going to depend on the size of the project and the productivity expected from the process.


How to make mold release agent?


1、Firstly, select excellent raw material. The component of the release agent is mainly lubricant, organosilicon, and additive. In the production, Sakurai release agent is made of top quality lubricants and silicone oil from the worldwide,e.g. Shin-Etsu, Dow, Dow Corning and other well-known manufacturers of raw materials.

mold release agent manufacturing


2、Before putting in a warehouse, we take small samples from the selected raw material for strict testing in the laboratory. We use qualified material only.


3、During mass production, the raw materials are mixed accordingly by formula, precisely control the mixing ratio, blending, and chemical reaction.


4、Put the blended liquid into reaction equipment, setting the temperature and reaction time, proceed to the emulsification and other reaction processes. The process of full reaction is extremely important, directly affect the quality of the release agent.



5、Take a small amount of the finished product and use a testing instrument to observe whether the release agent is fully reaction and formulated. We collect the index of solid content, lubrication and other data, to compare with the standardization, and finally determine the release agent is qualified or not.


6、Apply some release agent on the mold for practical testing, to test the performance of demoulding, adhesion force,film-forming, fluidity and so on. Each batch release agent must be sampling tested, which ensure our quality conform to industrial criteria.


7、The qualified release agent is packed into various size packaging, seal up the container and stored under room temperature and ventilated condition.

How to choose mold release agent?


  • Matching selection.

There are different types of mold release agents for different products, and we should select the mold release agent matching the materials of finished products.


  • Using and applying conditions

The key factors to select the release agent includes mold temperature, dilution ratio, molding time, mold structure complexity and so on.


  • Performance demands

The different mold release agents have different performance in terms of mold release force, post-processing, environmental protection, drying and cleaning time, etc. According to practical production requirements, we can choose the proper mold release agent through weighing the performance and production indicators, etc.


  • Cost efficiency

Release agent brand is numerous, and some release agents are divided into low-end, medium-end and high-end. Sakurai release agent is focused on the medium-high end of release agent production. Since our technical breakthrough, spray once mold release agent can use for several times demoulding, so it’s very high-cost performance and it can efficiently reduce the consumption cost for end-users.

Quality mold release agents are essential

Any industry that works in any kind of molding cycle knows that the quality of the molding agents is going to play a major role in their workflow and their ability to maintain a good level of productivity. This is the main reason why the use of quality mold release agents is so important.

This is the main reason why Dongguan Meiya Chemical Co., Ltd is constantly looking for ways to upgrade the quality of their release agents in order to ensure the most productive cycles. This is something that we have managed to do after many years of research and development for our mold release agents.

We specialize in the process of metal casting release, polyurethane release, and composites release. The level of quality that we bring into each project allows us to maintain a high standard that our customers have come to expect from our products.

We are heavily involved in this industry with more than 20 years of experience and this has allowed us to grow into the company we are today. We are firm believers in the importance of upgrading our quality, which is why we are always looking for ways to evolve and make our top quality mold release agents even better.

We have an outstanding level of production capacity with up to 150 tons per day to ensure that all of our customers get their supply. We are also environmentally aware ad we know the importance of maintaining the highest standards of environmentally friendly products.

You can be sure that our customer service department is always going to be ready to answer any questions you might have. Our goal is to be the number one mold release agent provider in the world, and our long line of satisfied customers takes us one step closer to that goal day by day.

Final thoughts

The creation of top quality mold release agents is very important in order for customers to feel happy with the results they get. Maintaining the highest standards is something we consider a priority and we are always working hard to ensure that our supply of mold release agents provides the results expected in this industry.

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