Composite Release Agent for Carbon fiber and Glassfibre


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Amino International Chemistry Limited, in line with high quality, excellent service, beg the development. The spirit of quality products, competitive price,stick firmly. The duty of reliable service and responsible,and principle of public commitment to you:

1.Products with inspection certificate and the appropriate operating instructions, to ensure that customers can correct use of our company products.

2.Our company guarantee the factory's products are in accordance with relevant national standards for production and inspection, unqualified products will never leave the factory. Ensure strict cash performance, products three guarantees, strictly implement the relevant provisions of the national industrial product after-sales service. If the product has a problem, and put forward a written application to the company or the telephone contact, the company will be negative defect free product now The recall test.

3.User, our quality products and company guarantees within 24 hours after receiving the user object to deal with. If technology research needs, guarantee send professional service staff. For each user feedback of quality problems and handling results I company will be archived.

4.The products of company after-sales service commitment can replace other products quality guarantee.

My company's service tenet: Efficient, Responsible, Reliable

My company's service target: Only for customer service