Polyurethane PU Shoe Sole Release Agent
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PU Flexible foam Release Agent


PU Flexible foam is widely applied in various fields,such as PU auto seat, PU mattress, PU cushion, PU sofa, PU pillow and so on.  SAKURAI-Mold Release Agent for PU Flexible foam MK-HR305 is solvent based and made by a variety of wax, high solid content, mainly used in automotive car seats, PU flexible padding foam, headrests, sofa, mattress, flexible PU toys and other product components, especially for 30-80℃ hot and  cold cure foam. At the same time, our water based release agent MK-HR306 is also a mature product for PU flexible foam demoulding.


Features of MK-HR305

 - Stable demoulding performance

 - Quick drying and thin film forming

 - None transfer to the molded parts

 - None oily residue, easy to clean mold

 - Perfect foaming process without peeling

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