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The problems of sticking mold and its relation with release agent

Sticking mold is caused by chemical reaction layer formed on the mold surface, resulting in phenomenon of sticking mold ,the typical sticking mold is occurring in the core-pulling parts

Good finished from the mold by using MK-TD1, Aluminum die casting Release Agent

Mould Release AgentMould Release AgentMK-TD1 铝合金.jpg

The Reasons of Sticking mold for Die casting process

1.Chemical ingredients of Alloy and Mold

2.Mold Designing and processing

3.Die casting process and technology

4.Mold Release Agent


The solutions of sticking mold

1.Check the factors affecting injection tip speed: punch speed, punch size, specific pressure, injection tip size

2.Adjust the mold temperature

3.Adjustment of die casting alloy ingredients

4.Check the release agent, spray release agent evenly with suitable dilution ratio. For core-pulling parts, spray more release agent or use thicker release agent. Do not use undergroud water to dilute water based release agent, due to mineral substance which cause die casting fittings surface carbon black and carbon deposition.