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What conditions should the aluminum alloy release agent meet?

In modern life, we often use aluminum alloy release agent, for it is more familiar. According to the series of information, die-casting including aluminum, magnesium, Zinc alloy series die-casting products, widely used in cars, telecommunications, motorcycles, home appliances and other occupations. Aluminum alloy die-casting Mold release agent is necessary auxiliary to use in production process. Because the size of the product is different, the structure of different levels of clutter, products, the requirements of post-processing, the requirements of the release agent are also different.
Aluminum alloy die casting release agent It is necessary to satisfy the following requirements:
1. Oil. Silicone oil is an ideal choice as a useful source of separation between metals. This silicone oil shall have the characteristics of high temperature resistance and no effect on the post-processing properties such as the coating of aluminum products.
2, Water-based. Because the mold is in the high temperature state, any solvent type release agent is not suitable. Water as a dispersed medium, in high temperature environment, moisture and transpiration, demoulding useful materials evenly distributed in the mold cavity appearance. Film uniformity, strong adhesion, high temperature erosion, good demoulding performance.
3, Emulsion. Select suitable emulsifier emulsified silicone oil to avoid carbonization at high temperature. To adhere to the product and mold cavity surface cleaning.
4, The casting, mold equipment are no corrosion. Casting products of the wheel corridor clear, smooth appearance without trace, does not affect the painting. The volatile matter smokeless, non-toxic, does not pollute the environment, the non-destructive operation personnel Health.