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Usage Precautions of semi-permanent release agent

Notice of using release agent mold pretreatment:
Mold surface scaling serious or have residues, strongly recommend that we provide the washing mold liquid or other appropriate methods to clean;

The attention of using process :
1, Mold surface: The surface must be dry, without impurities, oil and water vapor.
2, Treatment of Mold release agent quantity: The new mold treatment 5-6 layer, the general 2-3-layer injection.
3, Usage Note: If the use of cloth sassafras mold, need to use the cotton cloth with the wireless head and cotton cloth control to the release agent moist but no release agent liquid flow level; If spray, air pressure control in 1.5-2 kg, gun caliber 0.3-1.1mm 
4, The interval between layer and layer control: to avoid excessive spraying, Be sure to wait until the solvent is completely volatile and then process the next layer.
5, Temperature: The mold completely treatment, to be completely cured before use. 60 degrees of mold temperature, to be placed about 15-20 minutes. If the mold temperature is normal, it takes at least 30 minutes. If the weather temperature is very low, curing time to lengthen, winter generally extended to more than 45 minutes.
6, Humidity: If the air humidity is very large, the following rainstorm weather, the need to mold surface drying, if the mold surface has water vapor, release agent effect will be greatly reduced.

The release agent after several times demoulding, if the phenomenon of demoulding difficulties, recommended to use the method of filling the injection mold. It is suggested that the treatment die before the bottom is completely destroyed, so as to reduce the mold scaling phenomenon and the probability of sticking mold phenomenon.

The inspection treatment effect cleaning mold, with masking tape fitting mold surface, if the tape is very easy to disengage, the mold surface has not been treated cleanly; when the mold surface is treated with release agent, the effect of release agent is good, masking tape is easy to disengage.