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Relationship between mold temperature and release agent

In the process of die-casting production, release agent has been as an important means of cooling mold. Spraying water-based release agent, compressed air entrainment with release agent coated mold surface, by the high-temperature mold surface to their heating, even the release agent in the water has not yet touched the mold surface has been gasification, and with the mold surface contact time is different, water-based release agent is heated temperature is also different, The mold is not the same degree of cooling as the water-based release agent.
The temperature change of mold surface when spraying release agent in the process of die-casting production. In an aluminum alloy die-casting cycle, the die surface temperature due to forced cooling can reach about min. 205 ℃, but due to the heat conduction of the time lag phenomenon and the role of mold temperature control system, filling the mold surface temperature approximately 50-100 ℃ rebound, that is to 250-300ºc about. From the aluminum alloy die-casting mold solidification process requirements, the general best mold temperature should be aluminum alloy filling temperature of about 40%, so we design release agent chemical composition, the general selection of the best applicable mold temperature range between 250-300ºc. For example, SAKURAI release agent Mk-TD, as long as the user can maintain the mold temperature stability in 250-300ºc, its demoulding effect is good, casting surface is very bright, the mold does not accumulate carbon, will not stick mold, the mold service life to improve. Deeply welcomed by die-casting workers.