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Exhibition Review of 2017 International(Dongguan) Metal Casting Show

Exhibition Review

The Range of Trade Show
Die Casting Equipment
All kinds of cold and hot chamber die-casting machine;Low pressure casting machine;Die casting machine peripheral (automation) equipment;Gravity die casting equipment;Extrusion press;All kinds of hydraulic press, hydraulic press;All kinds of die casting machine parts and consumables.
Castings and Raw Material & Auxiliary Materials
Casting:: aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloy die casting;
Raw material:aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloy Ingots;
Auxiliary materials:Mold Release Agents,Casting lubricants,Metal working fluids.Plunger lubricants shot beads and so on. 
Industrial Automation Technical Equipment Class
Pneumatic equipment, hydraulic equipment, automatic robot and other peripheral equipment.
Mould and Technology of Die Casting
Dies equipment and & mould manufacturing technology, professional mold CAD/CAE/CAM system, mould materials and auxiliary materials,mold repair technology, etc.
Casting Equipment and Industrial Furnace
All kinds of casting equipment and technology;All kinds of smelting process and casting equipment;All sorts of modelling and core making equipment;Special casting equipment, impregnation equipment;Foundry raw materials;All kinds of heat treatment furnace;High frequency induction heating equipment;New technology, new heating and cooling device;Used in casting, forging, heat treatment, powder metallurgy, non-ferrous metal industry and other kinds of industrial furnace and electric furnace, as well as a variety of medium frequency coreless induction melting and holding furnace;Furnace with instrumentation and control system, all kinds of combustion equipment, furnace with machinery and accessories, test instrumentation equipment;Heat treatment of materials;Process preparation system, refractory atmosphere;Radiant tube, burning nozzle.

Activity Summary: Total visitors reception is 274 persons during 28th Nov 2017 - 1st Dec 2017

Project Discussion:  
 - Aluminum Die Casting Release Agent
 - Magnesium Die Casting Release Agent
 - Zinc Die Casting Release Agent
 - Mobile Phone Medium Plate Die Casting Release Agent
 - Silicon free Aluminum Release Agent
 - Graphite High Temperature Release Agent
 - Pure Aluminum Release Agent
 - Anodic Release Agent

Trade Show