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Glass Tube Mould Release Agent

Item No.: MK-500H
MK-500H is water based mould release agent for glass tube production.It is applicable for high temperature demoulding process.

Glass tube mold release agent  MK-500H

Sakurai MK-500H Glass tube release agent,Using a special high-temperature component composite, can effectively temperature 400 ℃ -800 ℃, has excellent thermal stability and high temperature film, effectively reduce carbon and smoke generated during use, so that the production environment is comfortable place. This product is mainly used for Glass tube molding, deep curved contour, and other craft.

Data sheet

Appearance Transparent Colorless liquid
PH Value 7
Density 0.98 g/ml
Odor None
Temperature resistance 400℃-800℃

1.Water-based release agent is environmental healthy protection.
2.Excellent release properties, the product smooth complete
3.No carbon deposition phenomenon and no smoke, no harmful gases
4.Easy to use, reduce costs

With a spray gun in a mold or machine, the spraying carried out after the glass molding finished.

Keep in a cool room, not near the pH or high reinforcement, corrosion and other items
the handling should light hand light,rigorous use of throwing, wrestling and other dangerous actions

25 L/ barrel    200 L/ drum

1. Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
We are one of largest manufacturer of Mold Release Agents in China.
2. Do you supply free sample?
We supply free sample within 1kg and you got to pay for courier freight cost. The trial cost we refund to you on bulk order.
3. Do you supply concentrate or ready-to-use release agent?
Based on your choice, concentrate and ready-to-use are both available for your purchasing.
4. What is your shipping method and transportation?